Monday, November 27, 2006

Yorkshire pudding

Belanja ke tesco ketemu Batter mix, trus aja di caplok kekeke...kirain ini batter mix sama kyk tempura batter kekeke...bodoh amat yg penting beli aja dolo, liat tar aja mo dibikin apaan hehehe...
Back home, akhirnya bingung juga mo diapain itu batter, akhirnya nganggur deh tuh batter.
and then finally i decided to make yorkshire pudding. Yorkshire pudding is an English savoury dish, It is most often served with roast beef, or any meal in which there is gravy, or on its own.
ini bentuknya seh jauh bgt ama standard bentuknya yorkshire pudding, maklom kgk punya cetakannya kekeke...
besok ke yorkshire ahhh kekeke...

For Yorkshire pudding:
1. In a jug or bowl beast together 1 egg (medium) and 200 ml of cold water.
2. pour batter mix into another bowl and gradually add the egg and water and whisk until smooth.
3. Heat a little oil in 12 small tins.
Add batter and cook in a pre-heated oven 200C/400F for 20-30 minutes.

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  1. gw pas liat yorkshire pudding ala elu bingung perasaan savoury tapi kok jd berhias begitu... walahh gw pake cetakan muffin biasanya kalo buat yorkshire pudding


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